Why Recycling Auto Parts Makes a Big Difference

July 1, 2019

Old automobiles are often left as junk in landfills. Over time they begin to deteriorate even more and begin to seep into the ground and surrounding areas and negatively impact the environment. One way to stop this from happening is by recycling your old vehicle. Recycling auto parts is a great way to help the environment. At Okon Recycling we recycle starters, alternators, a/c compressors, radiators, aluminum wheels, clean auto-cast, and more!

Saves Steel

Every automobile built today has a steel frame. Steel is created by using coal to refine iron ore, making steel is environmentally costly to make. When steel is recycled, less iron ore has to be mined, and less coal is used to refine it. Therefore every bit of recycled steel counts toward environmental stability. 

Minimizes Greenhouse Gases

Some of the largest contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases are coal-burning plants. When new steel is created, additional gases are released into the air. By recycling auto parts less steel is needed, so fewer gases are released. 

Parts Are Reused

Even if an automobile has been wrecked it probably still has many parts that can be salvaged, repaired, and reused. By reusing parts, less parts need to be manufactured. This lowers greenhouse gases and the amount of energy used by manufacturing plants. 

Less Waste

What it comes down to is there is less waste if you recycle your automobile. The world has a finite amount of space. If we do not stop throwing things away that could be recycled, eventually the world will be overrun with trash.

Recycling Auto Parts in Dallas, TX

At Okon Recycling, we are committed to maintaining and improving the Earth’s environmental stability. Part of moving towards environmental stability is recycling. The scrap metal recycling industry annually transforms more than 150 million tons of obsolete materials from consumers, businesses, and manufacturers into useful raw materials. At Okon Recycling we keep auto parts separate from the general recycling stream, so we are able to create and pass along a higher return for you. 

Have an automobile that needs recycling? Contact Okon Recycling today!