Public Recycling in Dallas, TX

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Recycling scrap metal, electronics, magnets, and other materials can reduce your carbon footprint. At Okon Recycling, we strive to offer the most efficient and effective public recycling in Dallas, TX. We specialize in recycling services for residential and commercial customers. We’re also the trusted recycling center for the city’s public works recycling needs.
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Public Recycling in Dallas, Texas

Explore Our Public Disposal & Recycling Services

Our community recycling center is open to all who need public disposal and recycling services. We operate one of the largest public recycling centers in North America. Just as our customers rely on us to provide robust, easily accessible public recycling services, we rely on them to reduce waste, protect the environment and our community, and fight global warming. We strive to provide every member of our community with the highest level of customer service, and the most helpful selection of public disposal and recycling services. We offer inbound and outbound truck scales that are dedicated for public recycling use, as well as multiple recycling platforms.
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Understand the Public Recycling Process

If you plan on bringing recyclable materials to our public recycling center, you might be curious about the recycling process. Take a look at the general steps that occur between when you drop off your recyclables, and when they make their way to their final destination:
  • Customer contributions – Our customers bring recyclables to our public recycling center.
  • Weighing and reporting – We weigh all recyclable materials and provide reporting and data when needed.
  • Sorting and cleaning – We sort recyclable materials and remove non-recyclable materials. We separate glass and metal. We then clean any items that were not cleaned prior to delivery.
  • Baling – Then we send each group to the baler. The baler transforms the recyclables into bales of paper, metal, plastic, and other materials.
  • Shipping and repurposing – We then ship these bales to manufacturing plants, where they are reused and repurposed.

Find Out Why You Should Sell Scrap Metal

Selling your scrap metal not only earns you some extra money, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and helps keep the Earth healthy. Recycling scrap metal can counteract some of the pollution that is produced during the production process. When a public recycling center recycles your metal scraps to be used for industrial needs, there is far less pollution than that created when new metal is produced. Other reasons why you should sell your scrap metal are that you can make room on your property, earn back some money, and fulfill a need.
Public Recycling Center in Dallas, TX

Take Advantage of Our Other Services

In addition to public disposal and recycling services, we also offer other recycling services to our community:

  • Public works recycling – We are a trusted partner with the City of Dallas and handle the processing and management of the weekly recycling collection. Controlled recyclables are brought to our public recycling center where they are sorted and processed. We’re proud to do our part with the City of Dallas to make it cleaner, safer, and more eco-friendly!
  • Commercial scrap metal recycling – We offer commercial scrap metal recycling for companies that want to take advantage of the environmental benefits and convenience of public recycling. We can work with you to find a customized solution that meets your company’s scrap metal recycling needs.
  • Parts harvesting – If a piece of machinery at your home or business has reached the end of its life, we can give it a new purpose. We work closely with each customer to determine how the machinery was manufactured so we can harvest all usable parts for later reuse.
  • Magnet recycling – We offer MRI recycling and rare earth magnet recycling to our commercial customers. We work closely with hospitals, clinics, patient care centers, OEMs, distributors, and manufacturers to help them close the loop on their manufacturing process.
  • On-site processing – Our on-site processing and on-site recycling services are available to residential and commercial customers. We can help customers make space and create value through our on-site public recycling center.
  • Renewable energy recycling – We offer clean energy recycling, including solar panel recycling wind turbine recycling and rare earth magnet recycling.

Learn About the Culture of Our Public Recycling Company

We truly value our community, and each of our employees has strong ties to the Dallas Fort Worth area. We are tuned in to what our community needs and have made it our goal to do our part to provide our neighbors, family, and friends with quality, dependable public works recycling services. Our mission is to mobilize our resources, relationships, and experience to make recycling not only the easy bottom line business decision for industries and households alike today, but also the right sustainability decision to make the world a better place for future generations to come. We also offer free, fun perks and events for our customers and the community to show our appreciation:
  • Hot Dog Fridays – Every customer who stops by our public recycling center on a Friday can get a delicious hot dog with all the fixings! We also offer sodas and chips. Just come by on a Friday at lunchtime and enjoy a delicious hot dog lunch with our vendors, customers, and employees!
  • Win Free Stuff – We also offer customers the opportunity to win free stuff just by using our public recycling center. We create fun events and contests on holidays and other fun occasions so that we can give back to our community.
  • Community Commitments – As one of the leading public recycling companies, we love giving back to our community. We have built fences at Bonton Farms, constructed an entry arch to a historic Black cemetery, secured the parking lot of a nearby church, and spearheaded neighborhood cleanup events. Our leaders and employees are committed to making our community cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable.

Contact Us to Learn More About Public Works Recycling

If you want to learn more about public works recycling in Dallas, TX, stop by and see us at Okon Recycling. We’ll let you know whether we can or can’t recycle something for you and go over the details of our public works recycling process. Don’t forget that if you come see us on a Friday, you can take part in our Hot Dog Friday lunch! Contact us online or call us today if you have any questions.

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