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Are you maximizing opportunity, sustainability, and savings by harvesting your company’s valuable components?

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Okon Recycling Parts Harvesting in Dallas, Tx

Re-Use Is the Highest Form of Recycling

Often, the end-of-life for a piece of machinery predates that of its components. In these circumstances, we work closely with our clients to understand how the machinery was manufactured so we understand how it can best be de-manufactured. Once we have this understanding, we put our expert team to work harvesting the usable parts. Once harvested, we inventory, package, and ship these parts all over the world to be used in still functioning machinery to thereby delay its inevitable obsolescence. Kind of like Bluebell Ice-cream (but different), we harvest all we can, then scrap the rest. Reuse is the highest and best form, as well as the most economical form of sustainability. Our parts-harvesting processes create millions of dollars in savings and value for our clientele which includes several Fortune 500 companies.

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