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Scrap Metal Container Service

If you want to make your business more eco-friendly, clean up your site, and earn some extra money, you should consider commercial scrap metal recycling services in Dallas, TX. At Okon Recycling, we operate a commercial scrap clean up service that lets you give your scrap metal a new life. Our commercial scrap processor can transform scrap metal into new forms that can be reused, rather than contributing to pollution through new metal creation. If you need commercial street metal scrap recycling, visit our recycling center. We’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help the planet!
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Learn About Our Scrap Metal Container Service

If your company generates a lot of scrap metal, we can provide scrap metal container service. We’ll evaluate your environmental insurance and determine how to customize your scrap metal storage to maximize efficiency. We also can help make sure you’re ready for your next stormwater inspection and you have full transparency and accountability for each load that leaves your facility. We can also assist with time sensitive commercial scrap metal processing. We own and operate our own fleet of roll-off trucks, flatbeds, lowboys, drop decks, and more. We operate from coast to coast and our dispatch specialists will handle all the logistics.
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Reconsider Your Commercial Trash Volume

Reducing your business waste reduces your carbon footprint and makes your business more eco-friendly. It also allows you to call yourself a green business, protect your community’s natural resources, and comply with local zero-waste initiatives. You can reduce your commercial trash volume by:

  • Evaluating your waste – Schedule a professional waste audit to find out how much waste you generate and how much of it is necessary. Your auditor can help you find ways to reduce production and purchases, reuse and recycle, and divert and compost.
  • Considering new technology – New technology can make your business more efficient and streamline waste management. A dumpster compactor or recycling baler can reduce your waste and make it easier to transport to a commercial recycling center.
  • Getting rid of wasteful practices – You can also start getting rid of wasteful practices. Convert to a paperless office as much as possible, stop using paper products, buy recycled paper, and create incentives for employees to participate in company recycling programs.
  • Composting – Consider composting organic and food waste.
  • Purchasing recycled or recyclable office supplies – Purchasing recycled and/or recyclable office supplies can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Using energy-efficient office equipment – Energy-efficient office equipment will lower your energy bills and energy usage and will also last longer than other types of office equipment.
  • Eliminating single-use products – Stop using single-use products like paper cups, plates, and napkins. Get rid of plastic cutlery and start buying kitchen items like coffee, sugar packets, and more in refillable containers instead of single-use packets.

Explore Our Custom Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Program

We specialize in industrial and commercial scrap metal recycling for businesses of all sizes. We can also provide add-on services, like glass, electronics, and other non-metal recycling services. We are happy to provide vehicles and/or containers for you to use to collect and transport your scrap metal for recycling. We can also design customized, comprehensive commercial scrap metal recycling services that meet your business’ specific needs.
Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Program in Dallas, Tx

Why We’re the Best for Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Our goal is to be more than just a recycling company. Our company is generations deep, and each of our employees is fully invested in our community and committed to bettering it. We value long-lasting relationships, and we strive to give every customer an exceptional level of customer service. It’s no wonder we quickly became one of the nation's leaders in commercial and public recycling services!

Discover Our Other Recycling Services

In addition to commercial scrap metal recycling services, we also offer other valuable recycling services to the community:
  • Public recycling – We offer public recycling services to everyone in Dallas.
  • Public works recycling – We handle the City of Dallas’ recycling. It is picked up at each resident’s home and transported to our recycling center for sorting and processing.
  • Parts harvesting We accept parts from machinery and can also evaluate machinery to determine what parts can be recycled. We’ll give your machinery new life and a second purpose.
  • Magnet recycling We can assist with the recycling of MRI machines and rare earth magnets.
  • On-site processing We can come to you and complete obsolete inventory cleanup and on-site recycling. Let us help you make space and create value!
  • Renewable energy recycling We provide clean energy recycling for solar panels and wind turbines.

Visit Today for Commercial Scrap Clean Up Service

If you’re ready to learn more about our commercial scrap clean-up service in Dallas, TX, visit us at Okon Recycling today. Our experienced staff, knowledgeable is happy to walk you through our commercial scrap metal recycling services so you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint. We’re also happy to consult with you about our scrap metal container services. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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