Recycling: A Way of Life

July 31, 2020

At Okon Metals Recycling, recycling is not only our livelihood, but it is our passion and commitment to making the Earth a healthier and more sustainable place for all of us to live. We understand that recycling can be inconvenient. It is easier to just throw your “junk” away instead of taking the time and effort to bring it to recycle it. This is why our 20 acre modernized, concreted Community Recycling Center was designed with YOU in mind. 

At Okon Metals, our clientele is our most valuable commodity. It is our mission to consistently deliver high prices, a clean and safe environment, as well as fast, friendly, and respectful service for all customers. So, as you move forward, we implore you to consider the benefits of recycling:  

Waste Reduction

When something is thrown into the garbage it is taken to the landfill. The more garbage in the landfill, the greater the amount of methane and other greenhouse gases that are released into the earth and atmosphere. When items are recycled they are broken down and reused to make something new. So many things are recyclable. It is a shame to allow those items to release poison instead of reusing or repurposing. 

Wildlife & Natural Resources

When paper or other “paper-like” items are thrown away instead of recycled, the demand for the material to make paper is increased. This means cutting down more trees. Trees cannot grow quick enough to compensate for the amount cut down. If you only recycle paper, you are saving trees and saving the habitats of many animals and creatures. While paper, in particular, is readily consumed, wild animals are continually being forced out of their homes.


When you recycle you are allowing a used product to be recreated or repurposed into a new product for consumption. The amount of resources it takes to create a brand new product, rather than a recycled one, consumes nonrenewable resources. When a product is recycled it uses less anger, less water, and creates less toxic waste. By recycling, you are lowering the number of nonrenewable resources used. This not only makes the Earth a better place to live today, but it protects it for future generations as well.

four dustbin  collecting the garbage of plastics

Recycling should be a way of life, not just something you do every once in a while. If we want to protect the Earth and leave it in a better state for our children, we need to do our part today.

At Okon Metals we not only guarantee great service, but you will be getting a trusted recycling partner with over 100 years of commercial metal recycling expertise. We are not a middle man. Our clients keep 100% of the scrap proceeds and deal directly with us for service.