Every Project Site Needs Container Service

January 31, 2022

When you are in the middle of demolition or a construction job, there is often a lot of scrap and other materials that are leftover. At Okon Recycling Recycling, located in Dallas, Texas, we are your go-to recycling company to handle your construction site’s scrap utilizing our Container Service Dallas.

We know that when you are choosing a recycling service provider you are looking for honest and reliable service that will add value to your company and your construction job. When you choose Okon Recycling to be your company’s recycling service provider, you are not only getting great service, you are getting a trusted recycling partner with over 100 years of commercial metal recycling expertise.

When utilizing our Container Service Dallas we know how important it is to you that you are getting the best prices while having the job done correctly.


Scrap metal that is disposed of improperly can be incredibly harmful to the environment. At Okon Recycling we take your scrap and recycle it properly, so there are fewer emissions from new production given off. Recycled scrap metal can be recreated into all sorts of new products. There really is no reason NOT to recycle it.

Good Prices

When going through the scrap collected with our Container Service Dallas, we will sort it into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are usually more commonly found in businesses or commercial properties, so likely the type of scrap metal that we would be recycling from your scrap metal container. We are not middle-man. Our clients keep 100% of the scrap proceeds and deal directly with us for service. Non-ferrous metals usually receive a higher price, so if you partner with us at Okon Recycling, we will get you a better price than other competitors.

Drop Spot

While construction or demolition is happening to have a container on site really helps to stay organized and better utilize the space you have. Without a container, scraps are just thrown to the side. As time goes on, the scrap pile will turn into a scrap mountain. Do yourself a favor and let us partner with you to keep the scrap mountain away. 

It’s Simple

One of the best parts is when the container is full simply call us up. We will come to your construction or demolition site and take the container away to be recycled. This saves you time and money. You will not have to hire or locate workers or equipment to remove the scrap and take it away to be recycled. Sounds like a win to us!

Container Service Provided by Okon Metals in Dallas TX

Container Service Dallas is a big part of what we enjoy about recycling. At Okon Recycling we cannot wait to work with you! Contact us today! We will provide you with a custom quote for all of your commercial recycling and scrap metal container service needs.