Time to Make a Difference at the Office

January 31, 2021

Change starts with us. In our homes and in our workplaces. If we are striving to leave the world a better and more sustainable place for future generations then we have to do our part. Every choice we make can have a lasting effect on the environment. At Okon Metals, located in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to maintaining and improving the Earth’s environmental stability. We ask that you, also, commit to sustainability. Specifically in your workplace. 

Minimize Power

We are so reliant on technology in our world today. Every device that requires power consumes energy, even when they are not in use. Be sure you and your employees put your computers to sleep, or turned completely off, when you are done at the end of the day. Other ways to reduce power usage include unplugging chargers and unused devices, reducing the number of windows, tabs, or applications you have open, and lowering your screen brightness. 

Another effective way to minimize energy usage in your workplace is to replace old light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs. Minimizing the amount of energy and power usage is not only good for the environment, but it also saves you money due to the lower amount of energy being consumed. 

Switch Out Appliances

The lower the amount of energy used in an appliance, the more eco-friendly and safe it is. Most appliances have a label that lets you know how much energy it will use. Instead of waiting for one of them to bite the dust, go ahead and replace the appliances in your workspace with energy-efficient ones. When you are done with your old appliances, give us a call! We’d love to recycle them for you. 

Go Paperless

One big change to implement in your workspace is to have everyone go paperless! In today’s world, almost everything is digitalized, so there is no need to keep the paper copy! There are plenty of ways to securely share and store files digitally. When you have a meeting do not print out notes or presentations for every attendee. Simply email them the information before the meeting starts! However, if you must, use eco-friendly paper and start printing double-sided to save paper. 

Eliminate Waste

Try your best to eliminate waste in your workplace. One of the simple ways to do this is to utilize real dishes, mugs, or utensils. You are lowering waste by eliminating plastic utensils, paper plates, and disposable mugs. Everyone knows you and your fellow workers enjoy a good mug of coffee or tea every day. By requiring everyone to either bring their own mug or use a reusable one at the office, you are making a difference in the environment. Just make sure everyone puts their dishes in the dishwasher, was overnight, and everyone is good to go the next day!

Data is Transfer from Paper to Laptop in Dallas, TX

At Okon Metals, we not only guarantee great service, but you will be getting a trusted recycling partner with over 100 years of commercial metal recycling expertise. It is our mission to consistently deliver high prices, a clean and safe environment, as well as friendly, fast, and respectful service for all customers. 

Let’s take the next step towards sustainability.