Scrap Metal Recycling Produces Change

June 30, 2021

When you recycle you are allowing a used product to be recreated into something new for consumption. The number of resources used to create a brand new product, rather than a recycled one, consumes renewable resources. Recycled products use less energy, less water, and create less toxic waste. At Okon Recycling Recycling, located in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to the Earth’s future. We strive to maintain and continue to improve the Earth’s environmental stability. While we feel recycling should be a way of life and you should try to recycle as much as you can, we are also super passionate about Scrap Metal Recycling Dallas. 

Scrap Metal Recycling Dallas is the process of removing scrap metal that is leftover from manufacturing or from structures that are going to be, or are in the process of being, demolished and turning it back into a raw material that can be created into something new. 

The process to recycle scrap metal takes several steps. First, we collect the scrap metal from demolition sites, manufacturing plants, or recycling partners in the community. Then the scrap metal is sorted, shredded, and finally melted to be recreated into something new. 

If you find yourself with scrap metal on your hands, we at Okon Recycling would love to be considered as your recycling partner. If you choose to partner with us to recycle your scrap metal, you deal directly with us, we guarantee great service, and you will keep 100% of the scrap proceeds. 

Once you have selected us as your recycling partner the first thing we will do is evaluate your process and workflow so we can truly understand the job and what it entails. From there we work with you to design an innovative and customized recycling program to optimize the value of your scrap while decreasing your handling costs. 

Some advantages to our services include a modern fleet of roll-off and flatbed trucks, we manufacture and repair our own containers in the house, we are not a middle man, our clients keep 100% of the scrap proceeds and deal directly with us for service, customized settlement reports, full range of insurance, including, but not limited to, environmental/pollution, workers comp, umbrella, general liability, and auto, fully permitted facility, 24-7 service availability, ability to come on-site to do demo and clean-ups, and ability to handle your company’s waste as a bundled package.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Dallas TX

Change starts with us. In our homes and our workplaces. If we are striving to leave the world a better and more sustainable place then each and every one of us must do our part. 

In addition to Scrap Metal Recycling Dallas, we at Okon Recycling offer a 20 acre modernized, concrete, Community Recycling Center facility that was specifically designed to deliver the best recycling experience in the industry. It is our mission to consistently deliver high prices, a clean and safe environment, as well as fast, friendly, and respectful service.