Reducing Carbon Emissions at Your Small Business

April 26, 2019
Reducing Carbon Emissions at Your Small Business at Okon Recycling

While taking steps to introduce eco-friendly practices at the individual level can have a big impact on the environment, just imagine the potential change we could drive if we had efforts from businesses big and small.  

Food Compost

We’ve all seen the piles of food that remain after a catered work function. Have you considered introducing food composting at your small business? Any food waste generated by your business can be turned into fertilizer. Bring the process full circle by distributing the fertilizer to any employees that could use some for their flower beds or gardens.  

Introduce Renewable Energy

The growing presence of wind and solar energy production throughout the nation serves as a strong indicator that renewable energy buy-in is on the rise. Though the expense may initially seem quite high, consider it a long-term investment and run some numbers to estimate how long it will take for it to pay for itself. 

Communicate Best Practices

A very simple (and free) step you can take to reduce the carbon emissions at your small business is to frequently communicate best practices to all of the employees. Small efforts like powering off all electronics at the end of the night or turning all of the office lights off on the way out the door have a big impact when compounded company-wide. Any communication of best practices can always be leveraged as the perfect opportunity to educate your employees on the impact of climate change and what your business is doing to stop it! 

There you have it, three vastly different initiatives that small businesses can consider implementing to reduce their carbon emissions! Feeling overwhelmed? Just get started with something small like ordering recycled printing paper or swapping out all of your bulbs for high-efficiency alternatives. Remember, every small action counts!