Recycling Rare Earth Metals Makes a Difference

August 31, 2019

By now we all know that recycling is important, and we should be recycling everything we possibly can. This includes neodymium magnets and other rare earth metals. At Okon Recycling we are committed to recycling and creating a more sustainable future. We are actually the largest recycler of neodymium magnets in North America. 

What Is Neodymium?

Neodymium is mined from ores that include monazite and is located in high-strength permanent magnets where it is combined with other materials. Neodymium magnets are mostly used in electronics such as speakers or cellphones. It can also be used in glass. Glass that contains neodymium has a purple tinge.

Recycling Rare Earth Metals in Dallas, TX

So Why Recycle?

As technologies continue to advance and electronics continue to become increasingly more available and necessary, we need to start focusing on saving rare earth magnets. Old electronics are increasingly being thrown away, taking valuable rare earth magnets with them. Since these are rare, eventually they will run out. 

The goal of recycling rare earth magnets is to ultimately create new magnet alloys and lower the environmental impact rare earth magnets have in landfills. When a new magnet is created from a recycled product less energy is used and fewer pollutants are released. 

At Okon Recycling we have over 100 years of utility and energy-related scrap recycling experience. We are confident that we will surpass all your recycling expectations. Regardless of what you need recycled, rest assured Okon Recycling will manage your recyclables in a process that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and compliant with regulations. 

Recycling should not just be an every once in a while thing, recycling should be a way of life. To protect the Earth we live on, we need to move towards more sustainable living. It is our mission to consistently deliver high prices, a clean and safe environment, as well as fast, friendly, and respectful service for all customers. 

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