Okon Recycling: Green Since 1913

May 31, 2020

At Okon Recycling, located in Dallas, Texas, we were green when green was just a color. For nearly a century, our family has been dedicated to recycling metals for both industries and communities alike. The combination of experience, technology, safety, and environmental concern are the cornerstones upon which Okon Recycling has excelled. 

Through four generations, customer service has been our main focus. Our experienced family of employees, modern fleet of trucks, and cutting-edge recycling equipment are all dedicated to providing top-notch customer service with the best pricing in the industry. We strive to maintain this close partnership with our clients to ensure they get the competitive advantage in today’s economic climate. 

Okon Recycling recycles millions of pounds of ferrous and non ferrous metals each month. However, our customers don’t just enjoy our scrap metal service, we also offer a wide range of other services and advantages. 

We own a modern fleet of roll-off and flatbed trucks, manufacture and repair our own containers in-house, are fully permitted, have the ability to come on-site and do demo and clean-ups, have the ability to handle your company’s waste as a bundled package, and offer customized settlement reports. We also have full range of insurance including, but not limited to: environmental/pollution, workers comp, umbrellas, general liability, and auto. We want to ensure our clients feel comfortable and safe using our services. 

Dismantling and Packaging

We know that scrap metal is not always a volume game. We know it does not always come packaged to be dumped and recycled. Some customers get rid of inventory packaged in cardboard boxes. We take the time to take the material out of the packaging so that it is ready to be dumped, baled, sheared, and recycled. 

Okon Recycling has a very unique set of skills and abilities to develop and implement an entire separate process for a single client to handle items that require a high level of care and protocol. So if we receive scrap machinery that contains specific non-scrap components that need to be dismantled, inventories, packed, and returned back to them, we can do that, and then recycle the remaining product. We have separate and and secured facilities within our facility, so we are able to eliminate variables, protect sensitive and proprietary processes, and efficiently deliver on these strict protocols.

Save the Earth Zero Waste Recycle in Dallas, TX

We are committed to efficiency, safety, and compliance. With almost a century of experience, our crews and supervisors have all the knowledge to get your job done right. If you have any questions and would like to speak to us about it in further detail, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team can be reached at 214.903.0909, and our hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, 8am-2pm on Saturday, and we are currently closed on Sunday. 

We look forward to recycling for you soon!