Choose Okon Recycling for Industrial Clean Up Projects

March 27, 2019
Industrial Clean Up Projects in Dallas TX

Scrap metal can accumulate rapidly, especially for large companies with plenty of work to do. Fortunately, the team here at Okon Recycling is well-versed in handling a wide range of on-site industrial clean-up projects for clients of all sizes.

Cost-Efficient Service

Since we’re able to conduct a comprehensive set of services on-site, our processes allow us to pass tremendous savings down to our customers. Our team comes straight to the site of your business and handles all preparing and shipping of the metal to be recycled on-site. We then ship the prepared metal directly to the mills and eliminate the need for an additional step in the process at our recycling facility. The efficiency we bring to the processes can lead freight to cost three or even four times less than they usually would.

Modern Machinery

What allows us to deliver such efficient service is the portable machinery that makes up our modern fleet. Our roll-off and flatbed trucks ensure that we’re well-equipped to handle industrial clean-up projects efficiently and effectively.

Okon Recycling is not only committed to efficiency, we’re also committed to safety and compliance. You can rest assured knowing that we are fully insured with a range of insurance that includes but is not limited to environmental/pollution, workers comp, umbrella, general liability, and auto. With nearly a century of experience under their belts, our crews and supervisors have the experience needed to handle industrial clean-up projects of a large scope.

If you have any questions about your industrial clean-up project and would like to speak to us about it in further detail, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A member of our team can be reached at 214-426-6566. Our hours are 8 am-5 pm from Monday to Friday, 8 am-2 pm on Saturday, and 8 am-12 pm on Sunday.