5 Reasons You Should Start Recycling Your Metal

August 31, 2021

At Okon Recycling, located in Dallas, Texas, we know the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. Change starts with us. Every choice we make can have a lasting effect on the environment. One of perhaps the most overlooked materials that can be recycled is Metal Recycling Dallas.

Lowers Greenhouse Gases

To extract and process raw materials takes a lot more energy, is less efficient, and emits more greenhouse gases than recycling scrap metal. In addition, the process of mining raw materials has a variety of environmental processes that cause pollution and will take some time for the earth to heal. Recycling, or using what is already available, does not cause any of that. 

Reuse and Reuse

One of the most exciting things about scrap metal is that it can be recycled over and over again. Once a product is no longer needed, recycle it! The product will be melted down to materials that can be used again. Once that product is no longer needed, the same process goes on! Scrap metal is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Metal Is Cheaper

If scrap metal is continuously recycled, and newly mined raw materials are not needed, products that are made out of metal will be more cost-effective. Thus, it will cost you less to purchase metal products.

Less Trash

When you recycle any product, but in this case something metal, you are keeping it out of the landfill. Metal items take longer to break down, so they take up space in the landfill for a long time. Recycling metal not only reduces space in the landfills, but it lowers the number of toxins that the product could release into the environment by sitting there breaking down. 

Economy Boost

Studies show that the scrap metal recycling industry has created half a million jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue. If you sent your metal products to the landfill, much fewer jobs would be needed. By recycling, you are keeping neighbors employed.

steel pipes with circle

At Okon Recycling, we love Metal Recycling Dallas! When you choose us as your recycling service provider, you are not only getting great service, you are getting a trusted recycling partner with over 100 years of commercial metal recycling expertise. First, we evaluate and understand your process and workflow, then we are able to design an innovative and customized recycling program to optimize the value of your scrap metal while decreasing your handling costs. 

We are not middle-man. You keep 100% of the scrap proceeds and deal directly with us for service. We own a modern fleet of roll-off and flatbed trucks, we manufacture and repair our own containers in the house, we offer customized settlement reports, we have a fully permitted facility, and offer 24/7 service availability. 

Bring your metal to us! We are looking forward to working with you!